The Webster
— 2019 - 2021


Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print Design, Content Creation, Photography


Copywriter: Samantha Hart
Design Director: Marcella Hassan
Event Photography: BFA
Portfolio photography by Camille von Simson

Elevating brand appeal through dynamic creative direction and compelling curation of luxury fashion. 

The Webster is a prestigious luxury multi-brand fashion house known for its distinct curation. Operating nine intimate boutiques and an exclusive online store, The Webster’s DNA is rooted in Art Deco, contemporary art, and spirited exuberance. 

Curating an Instagram grid and story aesthetic attuned to trends in contemporary culture, vibrant visuals engaged audiences through an energetic experience. An innovative invitation system was developed, tailored specifically for The Webster’s exclusive events and collaborations. Artfully conceptualized photoshoots for The Webster founder’s namesake brand, LHD, elevated the social platform’s visual allure. Artfully conceptualized Instagram photoshoots for LHD—The Webster founder’s namesake brand—elevated its visual allure.